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Oh hi there! My name is Sarah.

I am an artist, educator, homesteader and community developer living and working in Almonte, Ontario. I truly believe that art is a way to open doors and minds to new ideas and means of expression. I am a strong believer in both self-director and project-based learning where the participant has a part in guiding their learning. Experimenting is the key to learning and helps us stay youthful and curious.

I have been working in the field of art and education for that past decade, developing my skills and building on my experiences. I was trained in photography and painting, and later developed skills in mixed-media, print-making and pottery. I went to uOttawa and gained a BFA in Visual Arts, then went to Concordia to attain a MA in Art Education.


Work Experience

I am excited to work with all ages, developing engaging art activities and community art projects. I have experience teaching young children, teens adults and seniors. I have formally taught painting, print making, photography, pottery, collage, drawing and Adobe Photoshop. I have taught in a variety of settings including colleges, high schools, elementary schools, community centres, youth centres, seniors homes and other locations. I also have experience in non-profit start-up and management